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  Dynamometers, Goniometers and Calipers
  Head Lamps
  Percussion Hammers
  Sensibility Instruments and Stethoscopes
  Suction Tubes
  Nasal and Ear Cannulas
  Inhalers, Airway and Catheter Forceps
  Dissecting Scissors
  Operating Scissors
  Supercut Scissors
  Dissecting Sets
  Razor Blade Breakers
  Skin Grafting Knives
  Blow Pipes and Post Mortem Set
  Autopsy Knives & Chisels
  Autopsy Knives
  Cartilage Knives
  Resections, Brains, Post Mortem
  Amputation Knives
  Fistula Knives
  Operating Knives
  Scalpel Handles
  Operating and Dissecting Scissors
  Gynecological Scissors
  Fine Scissors
  Dissecting and Vascular Scissors
  Vascular Scissors
  Cartilage and Vascular Scissors
  Dissecting and Tonsil Scissors
  Tonsil and Enterotomy Scissors
  Umbilical and Episiotomy Scissors
  Nasal Scissors
  Dissecting, Trigeminal,Wire Cutting and
  Tissue Forceps
  Micro Forceps
  Lridectomy Scissors
  Micro Scissors
  Eye and Fine Scissors
  Eye Scissors
  Dissecting and Neurosurgical Scissors
  Ligature Scissors
  Bandage and Wire Cutting Scissors
  Bandage Scissors
  Clothing Scissors, Plaster Of Paris and
  Plaster of Paris & Rib Shears
  Crown Scissors
  Gum Scissors
  Gum and Nail Scissors
  Dressing Forceps
  Tissue and Grassping Forceps
  Tissue Grasping and WatchMakers Forceps
  Fine and Splinter Forceps
  Splinter Forceps
  Ligature and Cilia Forceps
  Cilia and Cover Glass Forceps
  Atrauma Tissue Ear Dressing and Nasal Dr
  Tumor Grasping Forceps
  Bulldog Hemostatic Forceps
  Hemostatic Forceps
  Hemostatic Dissecting and Ligature Force
  Bronchus and Hemostatic Forceps
  Dissecting And Ligature Forceps
  Dissecting ,Ligature Forceps and Gall St
  Dissecting, Gall Duct Clamps & Hemostati
  Hysterectomy Clamps and Vaginal Forceps
  Parametrium and Hysterectomy Forceps
  Hysterectomy Forceps
  Clamp and Artery Forceps
  Peritoneal Clamp Forceps
  Peritoneal Clamp and Hysterectomy Forcep
  Towel Forceps
  Tubing Forceps
  Cotton Swab, Polypus and Dressing Forcep
  Polypus and Dressing Forceps
  Cotton Swab Forceps
  Cotton Swab and Sponge Holding Forceps
  Bulldog Clamps
  Wound and Nerve Hooks
  Wound and Trachea Retractors
  Trachea Retractors
  Wound and Vein Retractors
  Retractors and Tendon Sheath Hooks
  Retractors and Bone Retractors
  Retractors and Meniscus Rectractors
  Retractors and Liver Retractors
  Retractors and Lung Spatulas
  Abdominal and Intestinal Spatulas
  Retractors for Maxillofacial Surgery
  Osteotome For Mexillofacial Surgery
  Awis For Mexillofacial Surgery
  Abdominal Retractors
  Abdominal and Vulval Retractors
  Plaster Spatulas, Cotton Applicato
  Cotton Applicators
  Varicose Vein Probe Set and Vein Strippe
  Raspatories Mexillofacial Surgery
  Micro Needle Holders
  Micro Needle Holders With Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  Needle Holders
  Needle Holder With Tungsten Crabide Inse
  Ligature Needles
  Ligature Needles and Ligature Conductors
  Ligature Conductors
  Ligature Conductors, Knot Tiers and Liga
  Clip Applying Forceps
  Plaster Spreaders
  Plaster Knives, Saws and Cast Breakers
  Bone Chisels Gouges And Osteotomes
  Bone Chisels & Gouges
  Bone Gouges
  Bone Curettes
  Bone Files And Rasps
  Periosteal Raspatories
  Bone Levers
  Meniscus And Spinal Retractors
  Meniscotomy Knives
  Bone Holding Forceps
  Bone Holding Forceps and Retractors
  Bone Holding Forceps and Bone Holding Clamps
  Bone Rongeur Forceps
  Bone Cutting Forceps
  Nail Instruments And Finger Ring Cutters
  Amputation And Resection Saws
  Bone Drills
  Drill Guide And Dura Protecting Forceps
  Wire Seizing Forceps
  Wire Cutting Pliers
  Extension Bows
  Bone Wire Twisting Instruments And Guides
  Bone Nails
  Tendon Seizing Instruments
  Bone Plate Wrench Instruments
  Trachea Dilators and Retractors
  Trachea Tubes
  Probes Goitre Grasping and Muscle Clamps
  Comedone Extractors And Skin Curettes
  Lupus Curettes Scraper Moncorps Knife and Cutaneous Hooks
  Rectal Speculas
  Clamp Forceps
  Stomach Clamps Forceps
  Intestinal Stomach Clamps
  Atrauma Intestinal Clamps Forceps
  Intestinal Clamps forceps
  Intestinal Tissue and Organ Grasping Forceps
  Intestinal Tissue Forceps Atrauma and Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  Tissue Seizing Forceps and Intestinal Atrauma Tissu Forceps
  Rectal Speculas Anal Retractors And Anuscopes
  Anuscopes Proctoscopes and sphincteroscopes
  Anal Retractors
  Rectal Biopsy Specimen Forceps
  Haemorrhorial Forceps And Rectal Snares
  Haemorrhorial Ligators
  Kidney Pedicle Clamps Forceps
  Kidney Stone Feps
  Gall Duct Forceps
  Gall stone Forceps
  Gall Stone Probes And Bile Duct Dilators
  Gall Stone Scoops
  Dilatin Bougies
  Bladder Retractors
  Prostatic Retractors And Prostatic Lobe Holding Forceps
  Metal Catheters And Introducers
  Urology Instruments
  Vaginal Speculas
  Vaginal Speculas For Laser Surgery
  Veginal Speculas and Retractors
  Uterine Dilators
  Uterine Dilators and Endospeculas
  Cone Knives Fistula Hooks Myoma Screw and myoma Knives
  Tenaculum and Uterine Polypus Forceps
  Tenaculum Forceps
  Uterine Elevating and Ovarian Forceps
  Uterine Sounds and Depressors
  Biopsy Curettes
  Cervicals Biopsy and Specimen Forceps
  Biopsy and Aspirating Curettes
  Uterine Curettes
  Placenta ovum Forceps and Abortion Scoops
  Scalp Flap Forceps Perforators and Elevating Spoons
  Cranioclast Hook and Cord Clamps
  Obstetrical Forceps
  Atrauma Aortic Clamps
  Atrauma Aortic Aneurysm Clamps
  Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps
  Atrauma Anastomosis Clamps and Dissecting Forceps
  Atrauma Coarctation Clamps
  Atrauma Bulldog Clamps
  Atrauma Tissue Forceps
  Blood Vessel Clamps
  Rib Contractors and Lung Spatulas
  Bronchus Clamps and Blood Vessel Clamps
  Rib Spreaders
  Rib Shears Sternum Scissors and sternum Chisels
  Atrauma Bronchus Clamps
  Atrauma Tangential Occlusion Clamps and Anastomosis Clamps
  Atrauma Aortic Anastomosis Clamps
  Aorta Aneurysm and Coarctation Clamps
  Atrauma Hemostatic Forceps
  Atrauma Multi-Purpose Clamps
  Atrauma Ligature Anastomosis and Profunda Clamps
  Atrauma Carotid Clamps
  Atrauma Anastomosis Clamps
  Atrauma Ligature Clamps
  Atrauma Pediatric Clamps
  Neonatal Clamps
  Suction Tubes and Tourniquets
  Aortic Dilators
  Vascular Dilators
  Suture Forceps
  Suture Forceps and Strabismus Forceps
  Strabismus Muscle and Advancement Forceps
  Muscle Advancement and Entropium Forceps
  Anterior Chamber and Iris Forceps
  Capsular Forceps
  Capsular Forceps and Erisiphakes
  Fixation and Tissue Forceps
  Instruments For Radial Keratotomy
  Iris Forceps
  Iris Fixation and Capsular Forceps
  Trochoma and Chalazion Forceps
  Suture and Tissue Forceps
  Fixation Tissue and Watchmaker Forceps
  Ligature Needles
  Eye Speculas
  Lid Retractor
  Eye Knives
  Keratomes Various Eye knives
  Instruments for Cranial Opening
  Cervicals Traction Tongs
  Instruments For Brain Suture
  Blades For Lamina Spreader
  Lamina Spreader
  Muscle Retractors
  Brain Retractors
  Dura Dissector and Elevators
  Brain and Malleable Spatulas
  Brain Malleable Spatulas and Nerve Root Retractors
  Nerve Root Retrractors
  Nerve Root and Nerve Retractor
  Nerve Retractors
  Nerve Retractors and Knives
  Intervertebral Disc Rongeurs
  Leminectomy Rongeurs
  Micro Forceps And Scissors
  Micro Scissors
  Raspatories Spatulas Curettes And Hooks
  Dissectors Hooks Curettes And Raspatories
  Spatula Mirrors & Handles
  Raspatories Dissectors
  Nerve Vessel Hooks And Ligature Guide
  Tissue Packs Dilators Probes and Suture Pushers
  Sickle Knives Rapatories Elevators Dissector and Needles
  Sickle Hooks
  Sickle Nerve Hooks and Ligature Needles
  Dissector and Raspatories
  Bone Curettes
  Raspatories Scoops And Narve Hooks
  Dissectors and Currettes
  Dissectors Elevators Needles Hooks And Probes
  Dissectors Raspatories Hooks Elevators Knives and Probes
  Ear Polypus Forceps
  Ear Polypus Forceps And Foreign Body Levers
  Ear Polypus Snares And Ear Dressing Forceps
  Ear Speculas
  Micro Ear And Wire Closure Forceps
  Micro Ear Polypus Dressing Forceps
  Micro Ear Polypus Dressing Forceps And Scissors
  Micro Ear Polypus Forceps
  Micro Ear Polypus Forceps And Scissors
  Micro Surgery Instruments
  Tuning Forks
  Tuning Forks Eustachin Cathaters And Suction Instruments
  Ear Punches
  Ear Curettes Spoons And Loops
  Ear Foreign body Instruments Hooks And Knives
  Messer and Knives
  Ear Syringes
  Nasal Polypus and Septum Compression Forceps
  Nasal Snares Dressings and Tempon Forceps
  Nasal Speculas
  Septum Compression Forceps
  Nasal Cutting Forceps
  Adenoid Cutting Forecps and Nasal Knives
  Rhinoplastic Nasal and Septum Knives
  Nasal Septum Elevators
  Nasal chisels and Gouges
  Nasal Septum Chisels
  Nasal Septum Chisels and Nasal Saws
  Rasps With Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  Nasal Rasps
  Rhinoplastic Instruments
  Septum Straighting and Septum Punch Forceps
  Nasal and Adenoid Curettes
  Adenoid Curettes
  Antrum Retractor and Antrum Frontal Sinus Wash Cannulas
  Mouth Gags
  Tongue Depressors and Mouth Gags
  Tongue Depressors
  Tongue Depressors and Forceps
  Tonsil Needles and Ligature Carriers
  Cleft Palate Knives and Tonsil Knives
  Tonsil Elevators and Retractors
  Tonsil Seizing Forceps
  Tonsil Snares
  Endolaryngeal Forceps Microsurgery
  Broncho-Esophagoscopy Instruments
  Cutting and Grasping Forceps Tip
  Laryngeal Mirrors and Handles
  Laryngeal Polypus Forceps and Epiglottis Retractors
  Sterilizing Forceps and Safety Pins
  Nail Nippers
  Fine Nail Scissors and Nail Nippers
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Welcome To Retractor Specialist
We feel immense pleasure to welcome you at our new web site, which contains wast variety of Beauty & Health Care Instruments. We have tried to place complete range, but if you don't find the required one, then please send us your own art work, picture or reference. We shell get back to you shortly after consultation with the concerned departments. Meanwhile let us have your feed back by clicking on the below Feed Back Form. Thank you for your time and interest in our esteemed organization.
About Us

WELCOME to the world of  ASAMAR-most probably the fastest growing Pakistani company, manufacturing and exporting Surgical instruments, outlined below:

Diagnostic Instruments                                                  Cardiovascular Instruments

Anesthesia Instruments                                                  Ophthalomogy Instruments

Puncture Instruments                                                      Neuro and Leminectomy Instruments

General Instruments                                                         Pituitary Instruments

Suture Instruments                                                            Micro Instruments

Plaster Instruments                                                           Rhoton Micro surgical Instruments

Bone Instruments                                                               Jannetta micro surgical Instruments

Tracheotomy Instruments                                               Otology Instruments

Goitre Instruments                                                             Rhinology Instruments

Dermatology Instruments                                                Oral Instruments

Stomach, Intestine and Rectum Instruments             Tonsil Instruments

Kidney, Liver and Gall Stone Instruments                     Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments

Bladder And Urology Instruments                                  Sterilizing Instruments

Gynecology Instruments                                                   Asepsis

Obstetrics Instruments                                                      Elegance Line


One Step Source:-

 The possibility of procuring over 1000 products from one source only results into a big saving of precious time as well as money, particularly when a large number of the offered products are CE marked, and a few US FDA510(K) approved.



ASAMAR has always sought to achieve standards, expected of the best organizations in the world. Following are some of the certification possessed by ASAMAR

 1. CE

 2. ISO9001:2003

 3. ISO 13485

 4. WHO-ASAMAR Compliant

 5. US FDA 510(K)


 Worldwide Reach:-

 ASAMAR has a large number of customers in many different countries worldwide. There is hardly a country where the ASAMAR products have not found their way, either direct or through re-export. Many importers, particularly in a few European countries, import the ASAMAR products, and re-export the same to other countries. ASAMAR regularly wins some of the major projects in different countries against the MOH/MOD/UN Tenders, etc. etc.


Transparent Working:-

 While many of the items are manufactured by us, others come from small-scale manufacturers, producing exclusively for us, in our brand name (or without a brand name), and under our quality control system. We do not claim that all the myriad items are produced in our own factories.


Customized Requirements:-

 ASAMAR is big enough to meet very big requirements and small enough to meet very small requirements. In fact, the customized, individual and varied requirements are a source of pleasure for our dedicated workers. As a result the ASAMAR customer base countries getting stronger regularly.


 Customer Satisfaction:-

 ASAMAR has a unique blend of highly experienced personnel and young & dynamic professionals, specializing in their respective fields and striving hard to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. And this satisfaction is achieved by offering, to the varied customer base, quality products at low rates and within the mutually settled delivery schedule, paying due attention to the requirements of packaging and packing.


Quality Policy:-

 "The world expects results. Don't tell others about the labour pains. Show them the baby !" Thus we, at ASAMAR , do not brag about the quality of our products, but aim at manufacturing and selling practical & tested QUALITY MERCHANDISE at low profits so that our valued clients, worthy, wise and judicious human beings, come back to us continuously. Achieving excellence of quality of our personnel and products is an unending path for us. We aim at performing, and not promising.

An Invitation:-

You are cordially invited to visit our facilities and see for yourself the whole production process from raw material to finished products.


Reaching out to Buyers/Customers:-

In addition to participating in many international trade fairs in different countries, our executives often visit our valued patrons for personal interaction.

 A Request:-

 Please visit our different websites and send your inquiries including those related to tenders, indicating your expectations which, you will discover, are realized in the best ASAMAR traditions. The literature will be sent gladly. We want to see you among our large number of satisfied and happy Customers.